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2010 02 Apr

Lean to Conservatories

Posted by admin in New Construction at April 02, 2010

Introduction to Lean to Conservatories

Lean to conservatories are cheap and simple conservatories that can be designed to suit both modern as well as period homes. Their roofs are less expensive to install than the pitched roofs of other conservatory styles are quite can be quite an attractive design for clients.

Lean to conservatories have a slanted roof that can be braced onto the top elevation by the wall of the house it is attached to. Lean to conservatories can work well with either bungalows or even single storied building as long as there is enough height available at the wall end off the property so that rainwater can run off the slope easily while at the same time, there is sufficient headroom for the users. In addition, lean to conservatories can be made weatherproof and can also be attached under the soffit of the building.


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