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2010 02 Apr

Lean to Conservatories

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Introduction to Lean to Conservatories

Lean to conservatories are cheap and simple conservatories that can be designed to suit both modern as well as period homes. Their roofs are less expensive to install than the pitched roofs of other conservatory styles are quite can be quite an attractive design for clients.

Lean to conservatories have a slanted roof that can be braced onto the top elevation by the wall of the house it is attached to. Lean to conservatories can work well with either bungalows or even single storied building as long as there is enough height available at the wall end off the property so that rainwater can run off the slope easily while at the same time, there is sufficient headroom for the users. In addition, lean to conservatories can be made weatherproof and can also be attached under the soffit of the building.

Lean to Conservatory Considerations

Before deciding to buy a lean to conservatory, you need to take care of certain considerations. For one, you need to keep in mind the conservatory positioning you intend to keep as well as the use you will be putting it that is, the conservatory to. Conservatories are mainly used in their purpose to absorb and provide light. This is why if too much or too little light gets in due to wrong design, it will end up defeating the purpose of the conservatory.

Lean to conservatories can be built with the glass to the ground or on a dwarf wall. If the purpose is insulation then dwarf walls help in the positioning of the conservatory. It can provide good insulation either from cold for the north facing conservatories or from the heat for south facing conservatories.
The design of the lean to conservatory must also match with the design of the property hence, such considerations need to be kept in mind as well. For those owning a modern property, it is best to keep your lean to conservatory’s doors and windows simple with as little adornments as possible. For a period property such as a Victorian Gothic property, shape can be added to the window surrounds such as adding an arch across the top of the window. For a Georgian style property, you can add glazing bars. You can also hire professionals who can suggest to you the lean to conservatory design that goes best with your home’s design.

History of the Lean to Conservatory

The idea for the lean to conservatory originated from the design of the greenhouse. They were originally built against the south facing wall so as to maximize the heat from the sun or against the north facing wall so as to provide protection from the cold winds. For further insulation, straw bales or straw blankets were added to the north facing walls in winter.

Many of the greenhouse-lean to conservatories has slanting glass roofs that were aligned so that it would be perpendicular to the sun’s rays. This was done so that on the shortest and coldest of days, the plants could get the maximum heat and light they required. You too can copy this design but to a lesser degree by slanting the front wall of the lean to conservatory away from the vertical for the benefit of its occupants, humans as well as plants.

Alternate Names for the Lean to Conservatory

Lean to conservatories also goes by different names such as sunrooms, garden rooms and even Mediterranean conservatories.

Shading a Lean to Conservatory

Shading of the conservatory is another important factor as you would want your conservatory to utilize the maximum possible utility from the prevailing weather. This is where the additional benefit of lean to conservatories comes in. If they do not already have shading in the form of tinted or thermal glass, shading can easily be provided on the exterior by an awning or blinds. Providing there is sufficient room available, the head box of the awning can be attached to the wall of the property. With the help of electronically controlled awnings, you can choose to either extend the awning when the temperature reaches a certain level or retract it when it becomes too windy or when it rains.

Lean to conservatories are simple in design and affordable in price. In fact, due to reduced usage of resources and man power, it actually helps you lower your costs. Though originally a design copied form green houses, lean to conservatories are becoming increasingly popular among modern families. This is because lean to conservatories can enlarge your living space quite naturally. Be it for your plants or as a living/dining space or even as a kitchen, lean to conservatories can serve many purposes while at the same time maintaining your budget and not compromising on style.

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