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2010 27 Apr

Edwardian Conservatory

Posted by admin in New Construction at April 27, 2010

Edwardian Conservatory

There are many different kinds of conservatories that you could build in different styles, using different materials. There is no ‘best style’ or even ‘best material’ when it comes to building a conservatory; you should go in for what suits you best in terms of your requirements as well as your aesthetics. However, in order to make such an informed decision about styles and materials, one should be aware of the various options available to them. There are many styles to choose from, including the Victorian style, Edwardian, Georgian, and more. If you are confused about which style you would like your conservatory in, here is an option you might want to consider.

Photo by Vivaldi Conservatories

The Edwardian style of conservatories, often referred to as ‘Georgian Conservatories’ or just ‘Edwardian Conservatories’ is an excellent style. It derives its name from the era during which its present design is inspired by – strong lines, sharp angles and an overall tough, yet elegant look. Its popularity is not just due to its looks, but it is the preferred choice of style when it comes to conservatories in the United Kingdom. As for the materials you could choose from amongst to build your Edwardian conservatory, there are many choices. You could choose from amongst Hardwood, Processed Softwood and even uPVC. Once you know about the advantages and disadvantages of each, you will find it easy to make your decision regarding the kind of conservatory you want to build. Speaking of materials, while you should be the final judge of which to use for your Edwardian conservatory, an excellent material you might want to consider is uPVC. It is an excellent choice for your conservatory owing to the fact that it is inexpensive and easy to use, store and transport.

One great advantage of Edwardian conservatories is that if you choose to go in for one, you will get a lot of extra space thanks to the Edwardian conservatory being unlike the Victorian conservatory in terms of facets. Also, the Edwardian conservatory is designed in such a manner as to provide for the maximum light you could get in your conservatory. An advantage of such a kind of conservatory is that not only is it affordable, it comes in a variety of options, all of which allow you to save further due to glass that is energy efficient. Add to that flooring as well as walls that are made from well insulated materials, and you will have a perfect picture of the modern-day Edwardian conservatory.

Edwardian Conservatories: The ‘Space’ Advantage

Let us focus, for a moment, on the space-saving nature of the Edwardian conservatory as opposed to the Victorian conservatory. While one cannot really say which is better in terms of style and looks, one cannot help but agree that Edwardian conservatories are superior to their Victorian counterparts when it comes to how much space they occupy. The reason Edwardian conservatories are preferred by many people is that it allows for the greatest utilisation of space without occupying too much, itself. The Edwardian conservatory has a rectangular shape, which allows home owners to position it as they see fit, without worrying about how it is going to look in the end. Thanks to this design of Edwardian conservatories, you could use the extra space you get for whatever you want, whether it is a CD-shelf or a place to keep your favorite rocking or arm-chair.

A Personal Touch

Another reason that a lot of discerning home owners choose to go in for an Edwardian conservatory is that such conservatories are far removed from the multitude of the far too common ‘Do – It – Yourself’ conservatories, nowadays seen almost all everywhere. With an Edwardian conservatory, you will know that a lot of creative thinking and design has gone into the building of your home beside home. When it comes to Edwardian conservatories, nothing ‘comes standard’. You have to make many choices from scratch, from what material you want to use, to the conservatory’s design and looks, to the colour of its frame, its size, types of windows and the suchlike. Since everything is decided by you right from the very outset, you can rest assured that you will never get even a single opportunity to feel disappointed about any aspect of your conservatory.

However, there is one thing you should keep in mind before beginning work on an Edwardian conservatory next to your home. Often, there are building regulations that need to be looked into carefully, otherwise one stands the risk of having problems with permissions in terms of planning and construction. This is an important thing, but if you are careful and obtain all necessary permissions and are sure of not flouting any local laws, then there is really nothing to worry about.

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