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2010 04 May

Curved Glass Conservatory

Posted by admin in New Construction at May 04, 2010

A conservatory, also known as ‘sunroom’, ‘solarium’, ‘patio room’ or even ‘Florida’ room, is an add-on structure to an already existing building, with large windows. The purpose of a conservatory is to permit the occupants of a house to enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the open world outside, from within the comfort of shelter. Regardless of whether it is sunny outside or whether it’s raining or even snowing, one can sit inside, observing the splendour of nature. Conservatories allow people to remain comfortable while enjoying a sense of being ‘out in the open’ rather than within the confines of opaque walls.

There are many different materials which can be used to make a conservatory, such as uPVC or soft wood, hardwood, et cetera. Also, there are many styles you can have your conservatory built in, like the Victorian style or the Edwardian / Georgian style, amongst other fashions. Conservatory windows range from downright cheap to inexpensive, to affordable, to expensive, and right up to extravagantly lavish. For instance, you could go in for windows fashioned from polycarbonate, but that’s not recommended. Remember – you get what you pay for. It’s much more sensible to pay a little more and get windows made from glass. This is because polycarbonate windows tend to become opaque over the years, whereas glass is easy to clean and is not marked that easily. Besides, with glass, you know that you will always have a pleasant view of the outside while relaxing in the comfort of your conservatory. When you use glass, the weather outside ceases to matter. It might be pouring out there, but you’ll be warm, dry and cozy while watching the downpour.

However, regardless of what style you decide to build your conservatory in or what materials you use, there’s one thing for sure – it will look a lot more elegant and classy if you use curved glass in your conservatory. Now, you might ask, why curved glass? What’s so special about it that you should prefer it over regular glass for your conservatory’s windows? Well, there are quite a few reasons why you should consider using curved glass in your conservatory.

Why You Should Consider Curved Glass

To begin with, it should be noted that curved glass not only goes well with any kind of structure, but it also makes it look better. Many home owners use curved class to make their conservatories look nice. While curved glass traditionally goes really well with Victorian or art-deco style buildings and structures, it also suits conservatories of similar style. Those who design curved glass keep in mind that it will need to look as though it was meant to be fixed in the building from the very start. It should not stand out or look alien in contrast with the rest of the structure. Always remember to make sure that the curved glass you get for your conservatory meets current standards.

The Advantages of Curved Glass

What’s great about curved glass is that it can be adapted for use in almost any type of structure. This means that curved glass will look great as part of any kind of conservatory you decide to build. When it comes to the roof of your conservatory, you might want to consider using curved glass. Not only is curved glass stylish and smart in its appearance, but it also lends to the conservatory a certain ‘domed’ effect. If you are not too sure about how you can do this, you can always consult an expert on glass, or an architect. If you find the right person or company to work on your conservatory’s curved glass roof, you would be amazed at how beautiful they can make the finished structure look. In short, curved glass is an excellent choice for your conservatory’s roof, as it is highly adaptable, it gives your building a unique ‘domed’ effect, and most importantly, it saves a lot of energy in terms of heating.

If you’re looking at the various types of curved glass that you could get, it is recommended that you  consider using laminated or toughened curved glass, as it is more durable and a lot tougher than regular curved glass. Another option you have is to get your curved glass in units that are either double or single-glazed.

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